The Singing / Learning Connection

Programs for schools, libraries, residencies, and inservices

Music, particularly folk music with its emphasis on lyrics and stories, can help promote reading and writing skills and language development. Through song, children (and grown-ups too!) can be introduced to new ideas and inspired to expand their knowledge of more familiar areas. Using folk and acoustic music and a variety of songs and instruments, Nan offers concerts and workshops for people of all ages. Her presentations are fun and informative, and encourage audiences to participate by singing along, clapping out rhythms, playing rhythm instruments, doing movement activities, and sometimes using puppets and props.

With several programs specially designed for schools, libraries, residencies ... Nan has a program that will be appropriate for each occasion. 

As an example: for libraries, Nan incorporates songs that have been made into books (“books that sing”), songs that have been made from books, songs based on folk tales and other stories, and songs that celebrate reading. Within that framework she offers presentations that focus on several different themes such as reading (SING A STORY-READ A SONG!), folk music (MORE THAN A SONG!), history (SINGING OUR HISTORY), and nature and the environment (SONGS FOR A LIVABLE LAND).

Nan’s performances run from 35 to 60 minutes or more. Audience size can range from 10 to over 300 people, and she provides her own sound reinforcement system. Prices are dependent upon type and number of programs, location, and availability of block booking. Fees are always negotiable and include travel expenses.


Sing a Story - Read a Song!

This presentation is an appropriate kick-off or follow-up to a P.A.R.P. (Parents As Reading Partners) program, a book fair, or a Young Authors’ event. Music presented as another form of storytelling can help encourage children to read or write about favorite topics. Included are songs that have been made into books (“Books that Sing”) and songs that celebrate reading.


Singing Our History

Songs that tell of the people and events that shaped our country, and the diverse ethnic groups who weave the tapestry of our culture. Indians and early settlers, the Revolution and the Consti­tution, the Underground Railroad and the Civil War, the Erie Canal, westward expansion and immigration are among topics that can be explored.



Folk Music - More Than a Song!

A general survey of traditional and contemporary folksongs, ballads, broadsides and play-party games - songs we can all sing together - and some of the instruments commonly used for folk music, including guitar, autoharp, dulcimer and limberjacks (Appalachian - style dancing dolls).


Animal Songbag

Children can sing about and imitate some of their favorite animals while learning about animal groups, sounds, habitats and behavior. This program can be a preview or follow-up to a visit from a zoomobile or a trip to a zoo, nature center, farm or aquarium.



Songs for Peace and Other Good Ideas

Songs, lessons and stories about getting along together, and resolving conflicts peacefully. Learning songs about sharing, self esteem, and consideration for others can lead to ideas for creating a peaceful classroom, household and neighborhood.


Songs for a Livable Land

Songs about the earth, the sky, the waters and their inhabitants, and ways we can better under­stand our part in caring for them. Garbage and recycling are among the topics mentioned, and this program can also feature “Rhythmic Rubbish/Tuneful Trash,” instruments made from throwaway stuff!


Staff Development / Inservice for Educators

These workshops offer teachers, aides, administrators, and anyone working with children ideas for incorporating music into the daily curriculum and classroom procedures. In compliance with the New York State Learning Standards, Nan’s presentations reach across several disciplines, including such areas as English language arts, social studies, history and community, and science and the environment. Suggestions and resources are provided for expanding the use of music by those already incorporating it and for introducing it into classrooms where it has been overlooked. Workshops are designed to benefit people who already sing and play music as well as those who consider themselves to be non-musical. Programs are offered as mini-workshops or as half-day or full-day seminars. They can also feature hands-on instrument making - “Rhythmic Rubbish/Tuneful Trash”!



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