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Folk Music - More Than a Song!

Concerts can be geared for any age group and are appropriate for family audiences containing all ages. They can focus on particular themes such as history, animals, nature and the environment, peace and justice, or they can be an overview of folksongs and instruments. They can be just for fun with no specific theme, or a combination of all these things!


Singing Our History

American history comes alive through folksong as Nan Hoffman presents traditional and contemporary songs that tell of the people and events that shaped our country, and the diverse ethnic groups that weave the tapestry of our culture. Indians and early settlers, the Revolution and the Constitution, the Underground Railroad and the Civil War, the Erie Canal and westward expansion, and immigration are among topics that can be explored. Using a variety of instruments, and songs that often invite audience participation, Nanís concerts and workshops are fun and informative, and can be geared for all age groups.



Celebrations of the Heart Ė Concerts for the Holiday Season

Some of the most beautiful and uplifting music ever written is music of the winter holiday season. Concerts and carol-sings are primarily what get me through that cold, dark, and frenzied time of year. I perform alone, or in the company of my good friend Joe Tumino, and sometimes with other dear friends Kathy and Tom DeLoughry and Mary Bieger. These performances include Christmas carols and hymns from several countries and traditions, Hanukkah songs, music for the winter solstice, and many songs of peace and hope and thanksgiving. The audience is always invited to sing along, and concerts are geared for all ages. Whatever our personal beliefs, music brings us together, lifts our spirits, and truly is a celebration of the heart.


Nan Hoffman & Joe Tumino

The folk music duo Nan Hoffman and Joe Tumino present concerts for audiences of all ages. Their rich blend of vocal harmonies and guitars accompanies a repertoire that covers a wide range of folk songs and ballads, both contemporary and traditional, including topical, spiritual, and humorous songs. Joe and Nan have performed for many years, separately and together, in coffeehouses and festivals, schools and churches, parks and community centers, and anywhere people gather to enjoy good music. Their programs are full and varied, fun and informative, and often encourage audience participation.



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